Former Pixar animator, artist, and world traveler, Michelle has always had a passion for connecting through story. As a child she drew comic strips based on her friends. As a bartender in college she acquired the gift of relating to her customers through sharing stories. And later as an animator, she learned the art of crafting a story from Pixar, where they say “story is king.”

It wasn’t until she was asked to give a talk at the UC Berkeley business school, that she realized how powerful the art of storytelling could be to inspire others. When giving a talk about her career and her life, she was overwhelmed with the response from the students. What inspired them wasn’t her glossy-looking career, but her authenticity and vulnerability in sharing her struggles along the way. This sparked a calling in her to commit to inspiring others to live their best lives, to live out their purpose, and to inspire through sharing their stories.

Now Michelle coaches female entrepreneurs to use the art of storytelling to authentically attract their ideal clients. She uses her intuition to guide them to feeling totally aligned with their message, who they want to serve, and how to overcome any blocks they may have from stepping into their power and being visible. Together they craft their brand stories, stories for social media, PR, and more. She is committed to empowering women to share their truths, and reveal the magnificent women beneath the surface that are being called to rise and share their gifts with the world.