Brittany Hoopes is a Podcaster and Qualitative Researcher whose work focuses on topics surrounding Goal Setting, Achievement, and Identity. By the age of 3, she knew she wanted to be an actress, and by time she was 5 she was performing and charting her path to become a movie star. After graduating from NYU where she studied theatre, she acted professionally for a few years Off Broadway and in film. But it wasn’t long before she came to the stark realization that her lifelong dreams had dramatically shifted, and she no longer felt passionate about her life’s work. Through this tumultuous period of searching and discovery, she clung on to the one thing that had remained the same – her excitement and desire for dreaming big and working towards life changing goals. And that’s when Soultiply was born. Soultiply is a goal setting, accountability, and achievement podcast that helps driven women and men translate their dreams into actionable to-dos, while remaining true to their core identity – their soul. She now lives in Los Angeles, CA and is enjoying the newlywed life with her husband.
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