Kate Bagoy is a strategist, coach and consultant specializing in startups & online business, and the founder of Six Figure Freelancers.

At the core, she is a problem solver, an empath & a brand builder.

A UX designer by trade, she worked with more than 50 startups as a designer, marketer, product manager, strategist, analyst and advisor. She is a graduate of the Portland Seed Fund, served as a mentor at multiple accelerators and educational programs and led projects for several Fortune 500 companies, including Nike, HP, Apple and Microsoft. She holds a BFA in Design and an MBA in Marketing.

Obsessed with travel since a flight to Oregon at age six, she travels full-time as a digital nomad and now runs her businesses entirely online – often poolside from tropical locales. She works with startups around the world and currently have clients in Austin, NY, London, LA, Bali, Vietnam and Melbourne.You can follow her journey on Instagram.

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