Katie Hornor is a serial entrepreneur, veteran expat/missionary to Mexico, homeschool mom of 5, women’s online business coach, and relationship marketing expert. She speaks at multiple women’s, faith, homeschool, and blogging events each year, passionately inspiring women to take action to get their Godgiven message out, to expand their sphere of influence, and to make more money doing it.

Katie has a monthly social media reach of over 1.3m, and hosts the semi-annual #BlogWell Retreats and the weekly #ForYourSuccess podcast where she share quick business wins and inspiring stories from her community. An author of over 40 self-published works including a fully compiled K-6th grade homeschool curriculum (in Spanish) and three Amazon best sellers, she doesn’t believe in waiting for luck to find you. Her next book, about relationship marketing, releases in the Fall 2018.

Katie started her businesses with no savings, no loans, and no debt, and has overcome incredible odds in growing her businesses. She believes you are #nevertoosmall, #nevertooold and #nevertoolate to have an influence, follow your dreams or build a successful online business, and she’s helping women do it every day. Her coaching clients love her wisdom and integrity, her ability to simplify complicated processes, and her passion to see others succeed. Many of them have become successful through her coaching in The Blog Connection.

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