Judi Fox, AKA #FoxRocks on Linkedin, is from Richmond, VA, and known for her GenX experience meets Millennial Energy style and embraces being #FoxRocks which is approachable, authentic, smart, and hilarious. Her background includes chemical engineering, Master of Science in environmental management, and over 20 years experience working with senior management at Fortune 500 companies.  Passionate about creating opportunities for individuals and businesses using social media video marketing, LinkedIn workshops, and individual coaching.  Judi has over 1 million video views in 5 months on LinkedIn and is now a sought after MC and speaker.  She was a speaker at Video Marketing World, frequent guest on marketing and entrepreneur podcasts, and is bringing the fun and results into Human to Human marketing strategies.  She is always excited about the next right ROCK! www.judifox.com
Testimonials are sometimes even stronger than anything I could ever say myself… here is a testimonial from Steve Perkins.
“Judi is a pioneer and leader in social media strategy. Her presence is very genuine, and she is incredibly effective at communicating, engaging, and inspiring. During our first project together, she increased my confidence in using video online, equipped me with multiple strategies to grow my audience & impact, and my LinkedIn profile views more than doubled during that month.”

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