Shane Kidwell was a professional firefighter in Seattle for 12 years but after hurting his back on the job he decided it was time to be his own boss.

Shane is now a full time branch manager and mortgage adviser for Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation and he loves to help people!

Shane was rated Top 1% Mortgage Originator in the U.S. in 2016. He is the Redfin Recommended Lender 5 years in a row and grossed 70 million in loan production in his first full year. He also currently speaks for, is a member of the Tribe, and has spoken for Mortgage Marketing Animal – Freedom Club.

Prior to getting into lending, He was a full time fireman working at the busiest station on the West Coast. You will quickly find out that his life as a fireman bleeds into everything he does. From open, direct communication to proactively preparing his clients for success it’s a part of who he is. He also likes to work really fast!

“I will never turn down a good cup of coffee and love educating people on wise long term financial decisions. I believe that making it right and being honest (at all times) is better than making an extra dollar.”

Shane graduated from the University of Washington and continues to make the Seattle area his home with his beautiful wife and their fun dog Lola.

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